Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hello all! I took the plunge and spent 5 bucks to purchase more google storage ;) , so that I can put everything back on my original blog. I want to print a book of my posts for my birthday, and I need to have them all in one place. It took about 2 hours to move them over there! I have moved all of these posts to and will begin posting there from now on. So, update your reader, link, or whatever! Thanks!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

16 Months and More!

 Here's my little girl, getting so big! I missed 16 months by a couple of days, but we were MOVING!!! I think that's a great reason! We have been at my mom and dad's. My sister came down Friday and I took a lot of pictures of Aubrey, Sarah, and Kylee Jo.

 I am so glad that these two get along!
 Maybe you can see it here that Aubrey is very fond of Sarah!

 Sarah would never take a pacifier as a baby, but of course she wants Kylee Jo's.

 I cropped them out so you can see this baby! I had Sarah all dressed up because after this, we went to meet Ben's mom, sisters, Hallie, and Ben's grandparents who were in from Dallas. We went to Applebee's and then back to Ben's mom's to have their anniversary cake. I think they said this is their 64th anniversary!

 Sarah loved the cake, but the icing gave her really red, splotchy cheeks!
 She really loves her Daddy Bill and hangs on to every word he says!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

On the Move!

If you listen, you can her her say "Light!" when I turn on the light! She was really happy walking through the hall. This was right before we left to go eat for our brother-in-law's birthday.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Last week we took Sarah to the drive through zoo. We did walk around a little bit, but it was entirely too hot. My mom has been here for 2 days. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and today! I've been trying to get everything done before we leave next Wednesday. My mom took Ben's entire closet back with her. They are going to be stored in my sister's old closet while we are trying to sell our house and living down there. I had to take Sarah to the doctor yesterday, too. I thought she might have an ear infection, but it was a fever virus and she broke out into a rash. She is ok. My mom and I went to the mall yesterday, and I was so glad to run into one of my kindergarten teacher friends. Then, today we went to Lowe's and I saw the old art teacher from my school. I taught with her two years and love her. I was so glad to see them and kind of say good-bye again. I've dreamed about my school (when I say this, I mean the job that I just left, which was K-2 music and I loved my school!) and had a dream the other night that we all went out to eat right before I left and everyone was there to tell me bye! :( Well, that is sort of going to happen, because my two closest friends and I are getting together one last time before I go. I'd much rather just be with them than a huge crowd anyway!

Ben is really busy. He is in his last master's class and it's just a really weird schedule and something is different every day. He has a big paper due, and starts his workshops next Friday. Over the next week, we will be tying up all the loose ends and getting ready to get out of here! Summer has been a blur and I am not even sure that it really happened...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Well, here are the rest of the party pictures. Above-Sarah did NOT like the bouncy house. I don't know what we are going to do with this girl! I think it's just her age. It's ok with me, I completely understand because I am a pretty cautious person.
Sarah and Aubrey with my mother
This was the main attraction. Those kids loved this slide/climbing wall/pool. I think Aubrey's favorite part was stepping on it and letting all the water run out into the yard.
I took a couple of pictures of Aubrey eating her yummy cake!
This is Kylee Jo, being held by the neighbor.
My growing Sarah...
I took a couple of pictures of Kylee Jo's room. It looks really cute.
I wish I could share the video I have of Aubrey and Sarah playing. Aubrey loves Sarah, and Sarah thinks Aubrey is big stuff! Aubrey jumped toward Sarah yelling "joy, joy, joy, joy" with every hop, and Sarah just screamed and laughed. She was so happy. Aubrey has been learning the little song "I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart!" and she wanted to sing it for Sarah. Sarah is always impressed. It is going to be fun watching them grow together!

Our Trip Home Part One

 A fundrasing group in my hometown likes to put pink flamingos in yards and charge people to have them removed. So, my parents got "flocked" and we took Sarah's picture in them. She was terrified of them. I am noticing a pattern with her being afraid of things!
I think this little couch is so cute. Mom got it for Aubrey to sleep on, but Sarah wanted to sit on it the entire time we were there. She would say "couch!"

My mom has a toy barricade! Sarah just plays and plays!
 Clapping on the couch!

 We went to Aubrey's second birthday party. She had an adorable cake!
This is my sister opening presents. Aubrey would say "toy!"
 This is Emily's friend's niece, Rylee. She and Sarah are just a couple of months apart and they were very similar in their actions.
It was a pool party. That didn't go so well for Sarah. She HATES pools. And the water was warm this time. I would love to post more pictures, but blogger is being PAINFULLY slow uploading my photos, so we will have to wait! More later!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

outfit, steps, and toothbrush

 I have to say thanks to my blog friend, Megan, for giving Sarah this fun outfit for her birthday! Sarah is sad because I won't give her the lens cap.
 I put the lens cap on the table, so off she went. Then she decided that since she couldn't reach it, she would WALK to me to get the camera! Oh motivation!

I got Sarah her first toothbrush tonight! I think she likes it!