Saturday, August 6, 2011

16 Months and More!

 Here's my little girl, getting so big! I missed 16 months by a couple of days, but we were MOVING!!! I think that's a great reason! We have been at my mom and dad's. My sister came down Friday and I took a lot of pictures of Aubrey, Sarah, and Kylee Jo.

 I am so glad that these two get along!
 Maybe you can see it here that Aubrey is very fond of Sarah!

 Sarah would never take a pacifier as a baby, but of course she wants Kylee Jo's.

 I cropped them out so you can see this baby! I had Sarah all dressed up because after this, we went to meet Ben's mom, sisters, Hallie, and Ben's grandparents who were in from Dallas. We went to Applebee's and then back to Ben's mom's to have their anniversary cake. I think they said this is their 64th anniversary!

 Sarah loved the cake, but the icing gave her really red, splotchy cheeks!
 She really loves her Daddy Bill and hangs on to every word he says!

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  1. She looks so big - I love the picture of her talking to "Daddy Bill!" It sounds as though you are doing well - I am glad!