Thursday, July 7, 2011

outfit, steps, and toothbrush

 I have to say thanks to my blog friend, Megan, for giving Sarah this fun outfit for her birthday! Sarah is sad because I won't give her the lens cap.
 I put the lens cap on the table, so off she went. Then she decided that since she couldn't reach it, she would WALK to me to get the camera! Oh motivation!

I got Sarah her first toothbrush tonight! I think she likes it!


  1. This post made me laugh because E's same outfit is the exact same size and yea, it's pretty much almost too small!! I wish I could see these two side by side!!

    She's adorable :) I cannot get over that hair!!!

  2. Adorable! Cantbelieve how big she is!Hope you are enjoying summer!

  3. Kara, she is PRECIOUS! I love all these pics :)

  4. I used to suck on the same two fingers when I was her age! She really is an adorable child. You are very lucky.