Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Trip Home Part One

 A fundrasing group in my hometown likes to put pink flamingos in yards and charge people to have them removed. So, my parents got "flocked" and we took Sarah's picture in them. She was terrified of them. I am noticing a pattern with her being afraid of things!
I think this little couch is so cute. Mom got it for Aubrey to sleep on, but Sarah wanted to sit on it the entire time we were there. She would say "couch!"

My mom has a toy barricade! Sarah just plays and plays!
 Clapping on the couch!

 We went to Aubrey's second birthday party. She had an adorable cake!
This is my sister opening presents. Aubrey would say "toy!"
 This is Emily's friend's niece, Rylee. She and Sarah are just a couple of months apart and they were very similar in their actions.
It was a pool party. That didn't go so well for Sarah. She HATES pools. And the water was warm this time. I would love to post more pictures, but blogger is being PAINFULLY slow uploading my photos, so we will have to wait! More later!


  1. My mom has a ton of toys at her house too. Oh and for my ten year old son she went and bought a wii. Crazy!!!!

  2. Love the flamingo pictures!!! Sarah is just adorable!!!