Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Big Day

 Today is Mother's Day and my mom's birthday all at once!!! I found these old pictures of my sister, my mom, and me. I wish I had even more, but I think these are pretty great and want to share them with everyone!
 I laugh because I was the only one smiling.
 My forehead got burned on the curling iron!
 I looooove these pictures of us in front of our old house with these beautiful bushes. They are perfect to me.
 I mean, really! How sweet!
 Meet the awkward years. You know, 5th and 7th grade! We went to the Smoky Mountains.
 Here we are in the hot tub on the deck in the Smoky Mountains:
 Here is a picture of us on my birthday with my mom and mamaw:
I hope you enjoyed this peek into yesteryear with my family! Happy Birthday and Mother's Day to my mom!

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  1. Love the walk down memory lane....such great pictures! Happy mother's day Kara!