Saturday, May 7, 2011

13 Month Pictures

 Well, if you are reading this in Google Reader, you should know that you probably missed 5 posts or something like that. I went private and for some reason, it didn't show up in anyone's reader. So, I went public and explained that, but that post went to the bottom of all my posts in reader and I have about 5 posts dated May 2, which would never happen! So, you may not have ever known...See all her bite marks in the crib rail?
 I am taking Sarah's pictures with my Canon PowerShot until I can find my battery charger. Please, oh please, let me find it! I do think this camera takes fine pictures, it's just not as fast so I can miss things. I think she is losing her baby face look!
 I love this dress. She wore it to her birthday party with leggings and pigtails,and I didn't get any pictures at all of just her dressed up!
 Today is a big day! Sarah has been intentionally standing on her own. She uses me to pull herself up, then lets go and we both clap and squeal until she falls. It's so fun! Of course here she is holding on to the wall, but that's ok!

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  1. Kara, that dress is just darling! She is adorable!