Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thirteen Months

Well, I started to upload a picture from her one year old photos, but it was taking way too long and I don't have a ton of time here! What to say? Well, first of all, I set my blog to private again awhile back (sorry I am not consistent about this) and I realized that in my google reader, even though I am supposed to be able to read my own blog, my most recent posts weren't showing. Then a friend emailed me and said she hasn't been able to read my blog either. So, it's public again. I will do a post before I set it private again so that if you want to read my blog, you will be able to keep on reading!

Sarah had a rough couple of days. My parents came over the weekend. We had a good time, and Sarah was fine during the day. The nights were rough. I think it's from those teething bruises. If you haven't been able to read my blog in awhile, you can scroll down and see what I mean. She did much better the last two nights and today she was in a great mood. She didn't even take a nap, and never acted like she wanted one. She was still playing happily when I put her in the tub. She went to bed a little after 9. She usually sleeps 12-14 hours straight.

If you want to know what Sarah eats (haha, this is more for me to look back on!), today she ate a little container of baby food bananas mixed with baby oatmeal cereal (Ben said he put a lot of cereal in there), a jar of Gerber turkey, rice, and vegetables, a jar of Gerber sweet potatoes, and 3 8 ounce bottles of half whole milk and half soy milk.

She is pulling up to standing all the time. Yesterday, I let go of her hands and she stood a few seconds. Today, she would not do it AT ALL, and sat down immediately when we tried it. She is really fun and funny! Her newest word is "quack" and I sing the 6 Little Ducks song and get to "he led the others with a quack quack quack" and she says "kak kak kak." She is trying so hard to sing with us and sing the right pitches, but she is all over the place. It is hilarious! She was really into patting her thighs today. I think she can say "hi!" and "uh-oh." And quack. I am not sure what else. Over the past three days or so, she has started kissing us. She opens her mouth and says "aaaaa" (as in apple) and leans over to us. It's really sweet. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but when she puts something in her mouth and she shouldn't, I say "Get that out of your mouth right now or I will take it away" she takes it out of her mouth! Of course, she may put it right back in a little later, but I tell her again and sometimes I do take it away. I know that she knows what I am saying and she usually obeys me. Probably because she is super possessive! :)

Well, we have 26 days of school left and I am really looking forward to this summer! Who isn't!?

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