Sunday, March 27, 2011

more from our visit and tonight

 I happened to remember to take my camera into Sarah's Nana's house. Princess Hallie was there to entertain Sarah. They played Paddycake.
 They played with a ribbon, which Sarah loved.
 She really shows all of her tricks when we get around people.
 Nana grabbing at her ribbon
 Sarah with her great grandmother Iva Mae and Ben's mother
 Sarah with Ben and her Papaw
 I took Sarah's picture in her bathtub tonight. Do you see her poor little nose? That is a carpet burn. She fell off a full sized bed and landed on her face. I swear I was sitting right beside her!
I think this picture is neat because I can see SO many family members in her face.
 Here are the three of us at her very windy birthday party. I didn't mention how windy it was. It was a challenge.
 Surely you recognize her Pops
 and her Mamaw again
Ben's mom took those. I know a lot more people took pictures, so I will post more as I get them. This time last year, I was getting ready to go back to school and I was wondering how long it would be before I had Sarah. I was praying it would be soon because I was getting uncomfortable. Having her was the best time of my entire life. Any time I am having a rough day or moment, I can daydream about that day and I feel so much better. I am counting down 52 days until summer and I really cannot wait. I feel like I miss a lot, or even worse--the time that I do get to enjoy with her is marred with my fatigue and pressure from work. I try to really enjoy everything, but some days I am just done. Ready for summer!

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  1. Summer will be here soon and you will get to spend your days chasing that beautiful little girl.