Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sarah is (almost) one!

 Because we live at least 3 hours and 45 minutes from one set of grandparents and almost 5 hours from the other, we had to make some birthday party adjustments. Ben works on the weekends and I work during the week, so that pretty much left us with celebrating a week and a half early on spring break. We had it at the city park. I decided to do this 3 days before we had the party, so I had lots of help! My mother got balloons, cookies, plates etc., decorations, and cake. Ben's mom got lots of drinks and pizzas. I am soooo thankful! Above is Sarah with her two great grandmothers.
 Lots of people came. I don't have pictures to share of everyone. I know a lot of people took pictures, and I am sure that I will be able to get those and share them on here before too long. I didn't want to wait to share mine!
 My sister Emily came with her little girl Aubrey:
 Ben's sister Heather came with her little girl Hallie:
 One of my great friends Angie came with her two little girls (and a friend). This is one of her babies:
 This is Aubrey:
 And here is the "birthday" girl ready to eat her cake!

 She barely touched her cake. I gave her this yellow spoon and that turned into a big ordeal. After she had it a few minutes, my dad noticed that part of the spoon had broken off. I don't have pictures, but Sarah had the plastic in her mouth. She sort of got choked on it. My mom, Ben's mom, me, and Ben all tried to get it out of her mouth. It would disappear and then come back up. Well, Ben had to gag her and she threw up four times on her tray. :( It was really bad. I don't even know how she acts after eating a bunch of icing, because she had to throw up all of her cake!!! She is ok. My sister picked her up out of the chair and she got blood on my sister's shirt because the spoon had cut her mouth. Ya'll be careful with plastic spoons! Wow!

 This is Ben's mom, Ben, my mom in the back, and Sarah

I am so glad that except for the spoon episode, we had a really nice family get together at the park, on a beautiful day, with great food! I will share more as I get them!


  1. Wow, I cannot believe she is almost a year old! What a fun first birthday...but geez I'm glad she is okay. That was scary I'm sure for a few minutes!

    Love, love, love all the pictures!

  2. Okay this almost made me cry. Seeing these pictures means it's really fixing to happen!!

    That spoon story? My worst nightmare. BG has an incredible gag reflex but I'm always digging things out of her mouth. I'm terrified. Glad she's okay!!

  3. Thanks for the warning on the spoons, that is crazy! I love the pics and it looks like you guys had so much fun! I can't believe she is one!