Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day Before Birthday Pictures!

 Well, I am not the best, but I thought I could at least attempt to take some pictures of Sarah this weekend since it is her birthday. I think they would have been great if she would have looked at me. Maybe it was too bright for her. I am not sure. My friend has offered to take some pictures of her really soon and I know she will look at her! Anyone new and different gets her attention. I think she just wanted to come in and watch TV in her diaper and eat puffs. Anyway, they are ok and I hope you enjoy them! Her little outfit is courtesy of my sister, who let me borrow lots of birthday picture outfits!


  1. Happy Birthday beautiful little Sarah!!!!! Is she going to get more cake tomorrow?

  2. I love candid shots like that. To me you get to see the personality of the person better.