Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Days 1 and 2

 I am really so behind! We ended up being gone 3 weekends in a row this month, and that combined with finishing the year at work has put me way behind. That's ok though, because now I can catch up. I put all that laundry away, and now I have more!
 Sarah really likes Elmo's World...and I do need to dust.
 Sarah still isn't walking. She stands for quite awhile and kind of steps around, but when she wants to go somewhere she drops down and crawls. I am not really worried about it, I know she will walk when she is ready. Maybe I'm not ready!
 This is one of the rare smiles I have been able to catch lately.
 And this is because I won't let her have my camera...I see this face a lot lately.
I've been in a total brain fog. I feel like I have a brick between my eyes. I can't think straight or concentrate and I have been getting so unbearably hot. I get my labs done next Wednesday. They're either going to be off or I am going crazy! We are starting to eat low carb for awhile around here. We both need to drop quite a few pounds and this is a good way to get started for us. Of course, we probably won't be able to eat this way the rest of our lives, but it is definitely a good jump start. So far today we have had eggs, cheese, and bacon. Ben also had mushrooms with his. I don't know what we are doing for dinner, maybe fajitas minus tortillas, rice, and chips at a restaurant. Sounds really good to me!