Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dinner and Playing

 Other than me having a terrible sore throat, we had a good day at home. I love these pictures of Sarah playing on the couch with Ben. He roughhouses her so much! But unless it scares her, it's what makes her happiest.

 Ok, so on to dinner. I mentioned that we are trying to eat low carb. Well, last night, I baked chicken tenderloin, fresh broccoli and cauliflour, and butter in foil pouches. It was so good! Tonight, I made shrimp fajitas and we only ate the meat and vegetables. It was so good, I have to share how I made it. First of all, I heated vegetable oil and a clove of garlic on medium high heat. I chopped red and bell peppers and added them, and let them get kind of done because they take longer than meat.
 This is gross looking shrimp. I bought it frozen at Wal-mart and I peeled it as I was rinsing/thawing it under cold running water. It wasn't too bad.
 Well, I did make 2 skillets, and these pictures are of the skillet with the yellow pepper. Anyway, you can see that I pushed the peppers aside so the meat could cook.
 Shrimp turns pink when it is getting done.
 This is what it looks like all cooked! I preferred the red pepper, but it was all really good, and I will probably do red, yellow, and green next time. Onions have more carbs than we wanted to put in this meal, but they would be really good with it also.
 Ok, moving on to more playing. Sarah has been doing really well at playing with her toys. She will entertain herself a lot, and sometimes we sit with her. She loves it either way. That castle is a Little People castle and it was Hallie's! Sarah loves it. Ben and I have all the little toy songs stuck in our head. I think I should go audition to sing for Fisher Price. :) Their ladies sound terrible.
 My mom got Sarah this singing bunny for Easter and she loves it. She loves it so much that she kisses it every time I get it out.
 Here she is trying to kiss it from the side:
 I am just adding this picture because I want to remember that she carries that Little People boy everywhere! She loves that one in particular. We have no idea why, but I have even let her take it to her crib for her nap!

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  1. i am going to have to make that!!! Shrimp scampi is also a fav in our house (very low carb but high in butter but its the low carb)