Sunday, June 26, 2011

I haven't been wanting to blog lately. I think we have just been so busy and are going through so many changes that I just don't know what to blog about because there is soooo much going on. Of course, Ben has his new job. It's going to be great-back in his hometown, which we both love, in the same town with his mother and grandparents, 45 minutes from my parents, and 20 minutes from my sister. I also have several lifelong and college friends in the area. The town has about 10,000 people and has most major fast food chains, a Wal-Mart Supercenter, a few other grocery stores, a nice Main Street, some pretty neighborhoods, churches, and even a little movie theater that shows 2 movies. We will be 30-45 minutes south of Little Rock and also 30 minutes from Hot Springs. So, yeah, it's a nice place. Ben really likes the community and likes to follow the school athletics. Just in case anyone was wondering what this new place is like...

Our house has only shown once. I'm willing to wait on it to sell. Whatever. I am done asking God for things to go a certain way! I feel like now when I pray, I just say what I would like but always say "...if it is Your will..." Everything that has happened to us, whether we have liked it or not, has worked out in some form or fashion and I attribute that to Him. It has always been hard to be in the middle of difficult situations, but I can look back and understand once some time has passed. So, I am not going to question this whole house thing. Everyone is in the same boat in this real estate market! And we are so thankful that we have family to stay with during this time.

We have been on the road a lot. We went for Ben's inservice and also to see my new niece, Kylee Jo. She is so beautiful and tiny. I know that a ten pound baby sounds big, but newborns are just so, so tiny. My sister arranged a cousins photoshoot while we were there. I have a few copyright proofs, and we are waiting to see the rest. So far they are adorable.

Sarah is so much fun. I plan to take her picture in the next day or two and post some updates on her. She is changing, learning, and growing so much every day!

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  1. 45 minutes from me!!!!!! I feel the same way about asking things from god. I am still not that great at waiting for his timeline or even accepting when what happens is not what I wanted but I am trying and it really does always work out in the end. Congrats on being able to move back to an area you guys love and call home.