Thursday, April 21, 2011

Saturday in the Park

 Say hello to cuteness! My friend, Rachel, met us in the park about two weeks ago to take Sarah's one year old pictures. Love. I can't ever thank her enough for using her time, talent, and patience to give us a gift that my family will cherish forever! I still just sit and stare at the newborn photos she took of Sarah. Those were actually one year before these, well, 364 days before these! Ha! So, Rachel, I am forever indebted to you--if you ever need ANYTHING let me know!
 These were so fun. My aunt sent Sarah a couple of birthday outfits and Ben's aunt sent her another one! I am so glad that they were put to good use!

 Ok, this picture below is sort of silly in a way, but I think it might be my favorite. Well, I cannot choose a favorite. As soon as I think I have a favorite, I remember another image. Hmmm. Just something about a baby in a tutu! I think I like the way it rides up in the back and she has a pouty face! She looks like a mess and I love it! :P

 I have to share that I was either singing or peeking around the corner playing peek-a-boo in the next photo. I have several more of these. I will probably share those in a day or two. You know, I need blog content, so I have to spread things out! :) But these were probably my favorite...probably...