Wednesday, April 27, 2011


 Sarah's Nana and Pops sent her Easter basket early. Her Nana (Nonna, my mother) is bringing an Easter pail (I think) this weekend, as long as it doesn't storm!!! Anyway, she had a lot of fun digging in the box, which did contain an actual basket and I was SO GLAD! I didn't have one for her, so it was nice to not have to worry about it. Not that we could have used it because it P-O-U-R-E-D on Easter and we didn't do anything except watch church on TV. It was a total wash out.
 She got pretty obsessed with half the yellow egg, but after the yellow spoon birthday incident, I took it away from her. Looks like we will be doing bubbles when the weather gets better! And sidewalk chalk!
 She has a dollar bill for her piggy bank. How cute! And the bunny brought Ben and me a Chili's gift card, which of course we have already used!
 Let me show you that Nana also made Sarah a photo book for her birthday! It is super special! And, it eliminated a lot of work for me! Happy day!

 This is Sarah's first rubber duckie. I have to share that I have read on several blogs lately about how good baby lotion smells. Well, I have been using unscented on Sarah for a few months because she had a rash on her belly. Reading all those blogs made me crave the baby lotion smell again that I enjoyed when she was first born, so I have it out again! Mmmmm!
 I am not sure what the deal is with yellow plastic. We went to my friend Amy's house Saturday evening for Easter dinner and it was soooo good. I took more pictures, but they are on my nice camera, which has a dead battery, and I cannot find the battery charger to save my life and I am very mad at myself! Anyway, Amy and I dyed eggs and Sarah watched. I don't think I have dyed eggs since high school! Why do we stop doing things we loved as kids? I read on facebook post about how much someone missed dying (sp?) eggs! Then I about gagged when the art teacher told me she ate lunch in her room because she was eating Easter eggs on her salad and they were colored because the dye soaked through the shells and she knew it would gross me out!!!! Good call!

 This is Sarah watching us dye eggs and crawling around Amy's kitchen.

 Then yesterday, I got an awesome surprise in the mail from a blogger friend, Megan, who had her little girl Ella on the same exact day that I had Sarah. Somehow I linked to her blog and we have been reading each other's blogs ever since and it is so much fun! Her baby is always about 2 weeks ahead of Sarah on everything and I just laugh. Anyway, how cute is this? It's something I would have picked out! I just love it! I sent her a little package and I don't know if she will like it or not, but...Ella will! :)
 And now for more breaking news: THIS IS NOT SARAH'S MOUTH but she has one of these in her mouth! It's an eruption cyst or hematoma caused by a tooth that has not cut, but has cut blood vessels under the skin and has caused blood and fluid to pool under the skin and it's a big mushy lump. I just about died when I saw it last night!!! Thank goodness for the internet or I wouldn't have slept a wink! We just have to wait for the tooth to cut through and it will start bleeding. Fun, right?
And now, how about some pictures of Ben's family from Easter, stolen from Facebook, of course! I guess Sarah will have to wear her Easter dress another time!


  1. I love the easter pics and it looks like her favorite color is going to be yellow! I would have freaked out too if I saw that in my baby's mouth and didn't know what it was. I hope it cuts through soon.

  2. We miss you all soooooo much and wish you could have been with us for Easter. It looks as though Sarah's favorite color will NOT be purple as Auntie Beth had hoped, but in fact will be yellow. LOL.
    Hope the sun is finally out up there. We want to see you all soon!
    Love, Nana