Thursday, February 3, 2011

We are stuck

 I made Ben go outside and take these pictures. I know that I stocked up on groceries, but I am not sure we are prepared for this. What a mess, even after three days to melt. And, we are supposed to get more snow off and on for the next week.
 We have had school cancelled before when my street was clear, so I can't imagine how bad those school roads are if my road is this bad.

 Little Sarah is 10 months old today!
 She is thrilled, obviously.
 I remember doing exercises like above in gymnastics. I can't believe I ever took gymnastics, but I did. I finally learned to do a backbend and a back walkover, and quit shortly after that. It's a good thing.
 She spent a lot of time trying to grab the camera and being mad that I wouldn't let her have it.
 I really like this picture of her with her hands clasped watching Elmo's World. That show is annoying though. Lalalala lalalala Elmo's World...and then he uses the tune of Jingle Bells on a very clinky piano and puts lyrics to the tune over and over. Have mercy!

1 comment:

  1. The roads are bad here - so they tell me. I can't get down our driveway.
    I love the 10 month picture - funny! And the gymnastics one.
    The music on the kiddie TV shows always bothered me, too. You should record yourself playing the piano and singing for Sarah!