Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Day 5

 I really took these Thursday and Friday. We have had a lot of time in the house. I always enjoy it. It makes it really hard to go back to work when we have had so much leisurely time. This time with Sarah's hair, I really tried to get a straight part and put the pigtails evenly spaced. I hope it worked. I think they are super cute!
 The other day when I was taking her picture, I told Ben that she had not smiled for me in weeks. So, he came in her room and made her smile so I could take pictures. I will be sad if we go back to work this week, but it is looking like we are going to be in school really late into the summer, and of course none of us like that either.
 I usually use Windows when I download pictures and everything goes into the folder My Pictures. Well, something bad has happened to the program and when I try to open folders in My Pictures, they won't open and the whole program just shuts down. However, I can open Picasa and all of my pictures download into Picasa. Then, when I blog and upload pictures, the prompt takes me to My Pictures, and I can select pictures out of the little window to put in my blog. I wonder why I can't access those folders any other way. I am really frustrated about it. So, right now, I download, go into Picasa, choose the pictures I want to share on my blog or FB and remember the numbers, and then go to my blog or FB and upload them from the tiny little thumbnails in My Pictures, because that is what opens. AM I MISSING SOMETHING? This is going to get old really fast. I also feel like I need to upload every single picture that I want to my blog because I am afraid I may lose all my files. I am also not sure how to move pictures from Picasa onto a flash drive.
 Surely someone has some advice! Luckily, I have all of Sarah's pictures saved either in Google web albums, Shutterfly, Walgreen's, my blog, and a lot on a flash drive, but it still makes me nervous. I ordered prints every month until December, and I have kind of let that go-mainly because I had trouble with Walgreen's uploader one day and I got frustrated and quit. They seem to have the cheapest prints that I can afford.
 I have probably rambled enough, so I will just let this go and share the rest of my pictures. You may see a TON of pictures until I get this figured out. I really am afraid I am going to lose them.
 She still loves her Poky Little Puppy and whenever you say "puppy" she says "puh, puh, puh, puh" and if you show her the baby doll and say "baby" she says "buh, buh, buh, buh..." I really think she understands because she does it every time. Almost. :)


  1. Love your new header and background. I'm so ready for a change...I may pay someone. Who knows!

    Sorry no help with the pictures. I am struggling trying to figure out mine too. For some reason when I plug my camera in, it doesn't upload my pictures like before. I have to go through all these different steps, which I don't remember the next time...FRUSTRATING!

    LOVE the piggy tails! My favorite picture is the last big one of her on your bed...Priceless!

  2. So a while ago, I had what sounds like the same problem. Whenever I would download pictures, it would got to a folder named "New Folder 1" or something (let's just say it was that). When I tried to open it, the computer froze and it would shut down my entire desktop. So without opening the folder, I rightclicked and renamed it. Doesn't matter what. Once I renamed it, it would open right up. Try it. It doesn't do that anymore. Just did it for those few days. Very odd..