Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Standing and Snow

 She's not really standing, but she really likes to be held up in a standing position. I love this shirt and had to get a picture of her in it. She has been wearing it since October. My sister got it for her. As for the pants, I have no explanation.
 Here is our yard in the snow with Ben and the dogs
 Ben's best friend, Mace

 Ha, apparently Millie was the trail maker. She made a trail through the snow and they have followed it ever since. Brave, tough Millie.

 Happy Trails!
 Leia decided to take the trail
 She extended it, but made sure to loop around and meet up with...
 Millie's trail!

 These dogs give us lots of headaches and heartaches, but we do love them. Ben had a blast and is now very sore!


  1. y'all have a ton of snow!!!

    love her outfit! we rock very similar every single day :)

  2. I love the pants!! Ben looks like he was having a blast!

    60 degrees by Sunday!

  3. Love the pics and all of the snow!