Saturday, June 4, 2011


We got home Wednesday night about 9. I had school on Thursday and Ben stayed with Sarah. I was bummed about going back to school, but it was great! The kids had a talent show most of the morning and then my friends I've made in the special education rooms and the art teacher and I had fajita potluck. They also got me an Applebee's gift card, 10 dollars, and then first grade got us a Logan's Roadhouse Grill gift card. I plan to take my camera to school with me this week and do a big post on everything and everyone I love at my school that I am leaving :(

Ben and I used the gift cards in two consecutive nights. It was great to be able to go out without worry after the long two weeks we had endured. I have seriously had 3 hour naps the past 3 afternoons, and last night I slept for ELEVEN hours. I hope it's not my thryoid, I guess it could be, but I think it's from the hospital, travel, funeral, and back to work. I know Ben's whole family is beyond tired.

I have to laugh because my special ed. teacher friends asked Valerie, my art friend, if she would like to put some money towards a plant for us. Valerie laughed and said "No way. Don't you dare get her a plant. That's just one more thing for her to take care of. Get her a restaurant gift card!" She told me that someone once got her a plant for Mother's Day or something and she tossed it over the deck. She felt like that baby was enough to keep her busy! :) Then, my good friend Amy called today and asked if I wanted a plant, or if she should do something else!!! I was so tickled! I told her we would come over and she could fix us dinner! These people know me so well. I do have to admit that I do like plants and I have some on my porch. I like to get flowers for spring/summer and mums for fall, but I do have a hard time getting out there to water them.

I've got to take Sarah's picture for FOURTEEN MONTHS this weekend. I planned to do that today, but I did a lot of laundry, sheets, and sleeping instead!

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