Saturday, February 19, 2011

So Much

Well, as you can see, my parents are here! Well, they are leaving first thing in the morning. They are in a hotel in town, so we said good bye tonight. We met at Olive Garden yesterday at about 5:30. We ate and I couldn't wait for them to come walking into the restaurant to see Sarah. She was sitting on Ben's lap waiting on them! Seems as though the time between then and now passed way too quickly. Afterwards, they came out to our house and left after I gave Sarah her bath.
 They came back this morning and brought us lunch from McDonald's. Their visits always turn into food fests for Ben and me. Too fun! After a little while, my mom even went to the dollar store to get us some candy bars. We still have a bunch! Sarah took a long nap, during which-and I haven't announced this yet on the blog-Ben went and did his RADIO SHOW!!! Yes, Ben is on a new radio show which is on The Fan 1190 AM which is our local Fox Sports Radio. It is called the Ugly Uncle Show, and of course it is all about sports. It runs from 2-4 on Saturdays and Sundays and is also broadcast (or broadcasted?) in south AR on KLAZ-we always used to listen to KLAZ when we were in high school! You can also visit the station's web page and listen to the live streaming.
 It didn't take long for Sarah to warm up to my parents. Back to the visit...Tonight we went to Shogun to eat. It was PACKED but we didn't have to wait. They play really loud music and do strobe lights for everyone's birthday. It gets super loud with the yelling, too. It scared poor little Sarah and she wanted out of her high chair. She doesn't like sudden, loud noises at all. We made it, but I swear there were like 10 birthdays in there. Or people were lying.
 I am going to miss my parents so much. We didn't get enough time together, but I am so glad that they came. A little is better than nothing. Of course I had to take her picture with them. I also had mom take her picture with me, but it didn't upload to this post for some reason. Maybe later.

 None of us can believe how big she has gotten. And guess what?! She started clapping today!!! I have to say that it was probably my dad who taught her to clap. We could tell she was close and he clapped for her all day long. Now she does it very gently and says "yaaaaaaay" in a very high pitched but soft voice. It is so cute. She sticks her bottom jaw out and smiles with her bottom two teeth when she does it. I really got used to staying with her on our snow days and this past week was very hard. I really missed her and every single day at work seemed like it lasted FOREVER. I watched the clock all day. I hate that feeling. I am also tutoring and getting home at 5 three days a week, which I am thankful for because it pays well and it is actually fun but I miss my Sarah. And my down time!
Speaking of which, I have resolved that I must go to bed earlier more often. I am really terrible about going to bed around 11 all week and then staying up til 1:30 or later on the weekends and sleeping very late. Then on Sunday nights, I can't sleep. I seriously sleep 4-5 hours on Sunday nights and I have had enough of it. For the past week, I have gone to bed anywhere from 9:30-10:20 ish and it is working out so much better for me. I must stick to this, especially with a little baby who needs me and a job that needs me, too. I have more to share and hope to blog again tomorrow! Happy, happy weekend! P.S. Can you believe she is 46 weeks? That she will be a year old in 6 weeks?! The best year of my life (so far) is almost over!


  1. How fun! John and Martha look great, and I can tell they had such a good time with ya'll and Sarah!
    Love you to you! Phyllis

  2. I love the first pic with sarah and your mom the most. I can't believe she is really almost 1 it seems like you just had her. Tell ben congrats on his new show!