Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crawling and Mimi's Valentine

 She has been almost crawling for awhile, but I think we can say it is official that she is on the move! She mixes real crawling with belly crawling and rolling. She loves to visit the dog cages...
 She has the sweetest, wobbliest crawl and is so determined to stay balanced!
 Barney is on the TV.
 The only song that she sings along with when I sing to her is Paddycake. I just made up a tune, I don't know if there is a tune, but she likes it! That's how I got the picture below. I did notice that on Barney, when he sings "If You're Happy and You Know It" she starts clapping.
 I have to share the thoughtful Valentine that her Mimi and Daddy Bill sent. They are Ben's great grandparents on his dad's side of the family. She got this book at Hallmark and recorded herself reading it to Sarah-the book is made to record. In addition to reading the story, she talks about the pictures. I was so surprised!
 Like my flash? Anyway, she also put Sarah's picture as a strawberry in at the end. Isn't that neat!?
 She also got her a little jewelry box. When you open the lid, it plays "What a Wonderful World," and she printed out the S monogram and Sarah's picture in the snow and fixed it for Sarah.
 Of course, I also have to share the Valentine that she made for Sarah. These are all so special!


  1. What thoughtful gifts for your sweet girl! Wish I could get in the blogging groove again...sigh!

    Don't you worry...she will be belting out the tunes in no time!

  2. That was so sweet and definitely something to be treasured by Sarah in the future.

  3. That girl was born into a wonderful family! She looks so happy, singing with mommy!

  4. I love the book and gifts from her mimi! I bet she is running you guys all over the place.