Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sarah's First Swing

 We must have had some really pathetic weather lately, because everyone I have talked to or whose facebook status I've read says how pretty it was today. We even left the house, which is rare :) We took Sarah to our little town's park. I am sure this swing was as nasty as they come, but I took Germ X wipes! I took a can of Lysol, too, but I left it in the car! Ha! Then I felt really stupid because the mother that used it after us put a blanket in the swing to line it so her baby wouldn't touch it. I will do that next time! She really liked swinging. She didn't smile much, except for at the children swinging. She thought they were funny.
 She mainly just kind of hung out and let us push her. Sometimes she smiles a lot. It's mostly when we walk into her room after she has been asleep or when we walk into any room that she is in, for that matter. She smiles when Ben comes to see her when she is in the bathtub. He always makes her laugh by playing games with her in the mirror. She looks back and forth from the mirror to Ben. Other times, she doesn't smile much at all. I am out of tricks to make her smile on cue.
 Tonight when I was giving her a bath, Ben brought me my phone and he and Sarah started doing this laugh that kind of sounded like coughing. She thought it was SO funny. I got my laptop and got on video chat with my parents and tried to get her to do it. She acted like she had no idea that I was even talking to her. Then a little later, I had Ben bring her pajamas in the bathroom and the instant that he walked in the door, she started doing that laugh again! She is a stinker!
 Getting in the stroller after attempting sliding half way down the slide-I sat at the bottom of the slide, and when she was done, she leaned on me and put her fingers in her mouth. I guess she didn't like it.
 I think her hair is funny in this picture!
 Our park is on a little river. There were big kids down there digging for worms and fishing. We are not sure how many fish they caught because they were also throwing rocks in the water!
 She gets so excited when I have a conversation with her and she knows that I am talking to her and not to Ben.
 I will call this her 43 week picture:


  1. How cute! Is it bad that my first thought was...I want to clean that swing. I love my new natural cleaning products!! I should have known you brought something with you though!

    She is such a doll! I can't believe how big she is getting. It just seems like yesterday that I was the 'music teacher' for a while.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your day outside. I ended up doing laundry most of the day...but for once it was fun. ;)

  2. It was a great weekend for trips to the park. Love the swing pictures.